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Welcome to "Mothers Who Know!" This blog was inspired by the words of Julie Beck delivered at an LDS General Conference in 2007. There are days when I am running on empty and feeling inadequate at my job as mother, wife, and homemaker. I have been wishing for sometime that there was a place that I could go to pose a question about parenting, mothering, running a household...all the things that make up my little corner of the universe. In searching the web, I haven't found a place like this where I can ask other women about my personal dilemma and have them give me an honest answer based on their life experiences.

What I'm hoping for from this blog is for mothers to help mothers, regardless of age, religious affiliation, political views, and life experiences. I hope to build an online community of women who offer their help to each other for no other reason than to help another mother on her path.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scared Son

Dear Moms,

My son is turning 8 in two weeks. He is very scared right now. He won’t go into any rooms in our house alone. He is scared to flush the toilet. He won’t run items down the stairs. He is fearful of monsters and things popping out at him. I’ve spoken to him about the fact that our home is a safe place for him to live and he doesn’t need to be scared, but of course that’s easily said but it doesn’t help ease his fear. I’ve been hard on him about it because he is so old, but maybe this isn’t the approach I should be taking, as sometimes it turns into tears. (which is an uncommon occurrence for him) I’d love your thoughts if you’ve read up on fears like this before and how to help ease them.

Not Afraid