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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scared Son

Dear Moms,

My son is turning 8 in two weeks. He is very scared right now. He won’t go into any rooms in our house alone. He is scared to flush the toilet. He won’t run items down the stairs. He is fearful of monsters and things popping out at him. I’ve spoken to him about the fact that our home is a safe place for him to live and he doesn’t need to be scared, but of course that’s easily said but it doesn’t help ease his fear. I’ve been hard on him about it because he is so old, but maybe this isn’t the approach I should be taking, as sometimes it turns into tears. (which is an uncommon occurrence for him) I’d love your thoughts if you’ve read up on fears like this before and how to help ease them.

Not Afraid


  1. I have noticed that turning 8 is interesting for children in many ways. Boys, especially are entering a period of emotional development, which lasts until they're almost 11 (my oldest boys are 11 1/2 and 9). Things that seem benign suddenly are overwhelming and tears flow freely in LOTS of situations. Their brains are connecting things in new ways. In my opinion, I would be gentle and let him know you understand that he's having concerns and ask him how you can help. He'll probably give you the solution he needs with a little patience and acceptance. As a momma, I know how easy it is to say, "What's wrong? Why can't you.....____?"

    Another thing that happens around 8 is the preparation for receiving baptism and confirmation. I had a brother who was afraid to go to church on the first sunday of every month. He told my parents his stomach didn't feel good....month after month. Then, my parents realized that what he was having was butterflies in his tummy during testimony meeting. He later expressed that is how he feels the spirit, and once he understood what was happening, he was able to go to church without complaint. But didn't know that when he was very young and it scared him.

    Observe a bit and see if you can't help him put 2 and 2 together. It'll be something you'll both always remember.

    Keep me posted.... Sara

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  3. I'm curious to know whether or not something triggered is fears... like maybe watching a scary movie or a bad dream.

    My thought would be to kneel and pray with him over feeling comfort. This might be a great teaching opportunity to help him develop a testimony of prayer and having prayers answered.

    Just a thought.

  4. You know- last year my son was very fearful and actually couldn't make it through a day of school...he thought he was going to die. (He would have panic attacks.)

    The school counselor was extreemly patient with him, gave him a "free pass" card he could use to visit her whenever he wanted. She bent over backwards... letting him call me, take him home, etc... I was thinking a little TOO soft on him.. but after 3 weeks of reassurance that if he really needed help- someone was there. It seemed he went on with his life. (He went to the councelor less and less on his own.)

    So I know it is hard. Thankfully he out-grew it. Just try to be patient and give him all the comfort he feels he needs.