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Welcome to "Mothers Who Know!" This blog was inspired by the words of Julie Beck delivered at an LDS General Conference in 2007. There are days when I am running on empty and feeling inadequate at my job as mother, wife, and homemaker. I have been wishing for sometime that there was a place that I could go to pose a question about parenting, mothering, running a household...all the things that make up my little corner of the universe. In searching the web, I haven't found a place like this where I can ask other women about my personal dilemma and have them give me an honest answer based on their life experiences.

What I'm hoping for from this blog is for mothers to help mothers, regardless of age, religious affiliation, political views, and life experiences. I hope to build an online community of women who offer their help to each other for no other reason than to help another mother on her path.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Between a Rock and a Very Sweet Baby

Dear Mothers Who Know,

The idea of working hurts my heart. I can't bear to leave my baby with somebody else. And I fear I will unravel at the prospect of juggling travel and commutes and other work demands with my daughter's care. But we will be in the red over five hundred dollars a month if I stay home. (And, yes, we already live very frugally)! I want to avoid the stress of being broke (I envision lawyers and lenders and a mortgage default!) and save for my daughters future.

So I'm facing the agony of returning to work versus the scariness of financial insecurity. How have others survived this modern decision?

My Heart is at Home


  1. Hi! I hear you. My husband and I face the same dilemma. My heart, I think, has always been at home. $500 may seem like a lot but you might be surprised other ways you can find to save. When the prospect of me stopping work was before us we honestly didn't know how we would make things work. However, we knew it was the right decision for us for me to stay home (I realize it isn't for everyone) and we took a leap of faith. I can't say we don't miss the $1,000 a month (I worked part-time) but somehow we've managed to live without it. We've cut back our grocery budget but 2/3 and it's gotten us thinking creatively for quality time together, like taking advantage of free programs. You probably already have, but take a closer eye to your budget and see if there really isn't anything you can cut. My heart is with you, but remember, whatever you decide is right for you, you have to ignore the naysayers because they will be there either way. Do what's right for you and your family. I hope this helps.

  2. My mom worked outside the home for most of my growing up years. She worked two nights a week helping people earn their GEDs. Later she taught classes at the local community college three days a week. Finally, she went back to teaching full time. I know our family both sacrificed and benefited because of her choice; I'm sure there were times we wanted her when she wasn't there, but we also learned to rely more on my dad and each other and developed closer relationships that way. Plus, seeing my mom use her education and skills to help others and our family made me really proud of her. It also made me more determined to get an education myself.

    I guess my point is this: if, after talking it over with your family and with Heavenly Father, you feel going back to work is the right decision for your family, maybe you'll find a silver lining after all. In fact, I know if you are prayerful about whatever decision you make, Heavenly Father will bless you for trying to do the best thing for your family.

    Good luck!

  3. Just a thought, but maybe there are opportunities in your area to work at home. I know when we have been strapped for cash I have often taken on extra babysitting hours for working moms. Maybe a paper route (do those still exist? :) I also have a friend who works at a daycare and she is able to take her son with her. My heart and prayers go out to you. I know it can't be an easy decision.