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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting to be that age...

Dear Mothers,

My fifth grader is being prepared to watch the school district's "maturation video" which is to introduce the concept of puberty to the children. My husband and I are open with our child about puberty and have already talked to him about this. We believe that this kind of discussion is very personal and should be handled in a family setting. Should we let our child watch the video at school or keep him home that day?

Growing up too fast


  1. Growing up too fast,

    We also talked with and explained the maturation process to our daughter and it was very personal with questions she wouldn't likely ask in a more open setting.

    What we decided to do was to take advantage of the offer from the school to preview the video and then decide. After seeing the video we felt comfortable in letting her view it with her classmates (they seperated the boys and girls). This then opened up some other important questions that she had and didn't know how to ask before.

    In all, I believe it was a positive experience for our daughter because like you and your husband, the lines of communication are open and strong.

    One other small factor is that your son might be teased if he is not allowed to see the video. In no way should this be a deciding factor but I do know that kids tease about this kind of thing.

    Best of luck,

    Been There, and still hanging on

  2. I would preview the materials, speak openly with him about how your family views the maturation process BEFORE he sees the video and most importantly, reinforce to him that schools should only teach structure and function and FAMILIES are responsible to teach truth, values and morals. The spirit can be present during these family discussions and testimonies of the purpose of our bodies can be instilled in our children if sacredly approached in family council. We've repeated this process twice now (with the same child) and are preparing for yet another video -- they get more complicated every year. Our child also will discuss with us everything they talked about in class, so we know that what the school actually presented (important to follow up to make sure nothing objectionable was "added" at the last minute -- this happened because on one person in our school district thought kids should know about deviant sexual behavior, unbeknownst to the program director and parents rallied to have that "added" curriculum removed. It was horrible, but they succeeded). A parent worries about such things, but countering them at home is a powerful process. Hugs.

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